The prestigious CITD (Certified IT Director) is an accreditation level for professionals who are interested in further advancing their career in IT management.

  • How to obtain CITD?
  • Which certificates are endorsed for CITD?
  • How many credits are required to apply for the CITD accreditation?
  • How long is the CITD accreditation valid?
  • What are the fees involved for the CITD accreditation?
  • How to apply for CITD?
  • How to submit documents for the application?
  • Review of application
  • How to make payment?
  • Issue of certificate / accreditation

How to obtain CITD?

Individuals with the ambition to obtain the CITD accreditation will have to follow CITM and on top of it demonstrate that they have gained additional knowledge in different areas corresponding with the topics as discussed.

The individual will obtain credits for every subject matter and if sufficient credits are achieved the candidate can register for CITD accreditation receiving the certificate upon approval. During registration the individual is required to submit evidence demonstrating to have successfully followed courses and/or achieved certification where applicable.

Which certificates are endorsed for CITD?

For every subject matter area courses and/or certificates are endorsed. The list is not limited to these courses, additional courses that apply will be considered on individual basis, depending on the evidence submitted: