FA131219_EPI Training Framework

The IT Management Framework provides IT Professionals and organizations with a structured guide on the disciplines involved in IT management. There are 12 knowledge areas – Data Centre Facilities & Operations, Cloud Computing, Application Management, Project Management, Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery, Information Security, Risk Management, Vendor Management, Financials, Human Resource Management, Audit and Compliance, and IT Governance. An organization can use the framework to plan for their IT staffs’ career progression as well as a basis for their training plan. An IT Professional may plan his/her career to specialize on one discipline or more.

CITD® – Certified IT Director

At the top level is the premier Certified IT Director (CITD®) credential. The CITD® is a world-wide accredited certification which recognizes the certificate holder as a person who has not only demonstrated knowledge but has also acquired globally recognized certifications in the different disciplines of IT Management.

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CITM® – Certified IT Manager

The Certified IT Manager (CITM®) training builds the foundation for the IT Professional who is entering the IT Management field from a technical background. The CITM® is the stepping stone for the IT Professional who aspires to achieve the CITD® credential.

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