Accredited course, based on the ITIL Practitioner Guide publication. The 3-day course combines lectures, discussions, assignments and sample exam questions to provide the student with an understanding of the essential aspects of ITIL Practitioner and prepare for the certification exam.
It provides complete overview of the main concepts of ITIL Practitioner, including the Continual Service Improvement approach, metrics and measurements, communications and organizational change, in order to adopt, adapt and apply the concepts of ITIL beyond Foundation.
The course and associated examination are free-standing but also part of the ITIL intermediate lifecycle stream. It is one of the modules that leads to the ITIL Expert Certificate in IT Service Management and carries a credit value of 3 points.
Candidates can expect to gain knowledge and understanding upon successful completion of the training in the following:
To provide an understanding of the ITIL Practitioner Guide publica- tion and the concepts withinTo give guidance how to apply the ITIL concepts including CSI ap- proach and associated principles, metrics, method of communication and organizational change in a real-world
Topics covered include:</strong
Service: customer, outcome, value, cost, risk

Adopting and adapting ITIL
Nine guiding principles:
Focus on value
Design for experience
Start where you are
Progress iteratively
Observe directly
Be transparent
Keep it simple
Work holistically
The CSI Approach
Tools and methods
Metrics and measurements

Metrics cascade
Assessment steps
Reporting principles
Value and importance
5 Principles
4 steps
Organizational change
Importance in a people-centric change
6 steps, and links to CSI approach and
Other frameworks
Service Management
2 days
Credits: 3
The course and examination are suitable for:
The course is aimed at IT ser- vice management people whose are, or will be, imple- menting or improving IT ser- vices and/or processes in an ITIL
The pre-requisite for this course is the ITIL Foundation

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