Recertification Program

Recertification is an important indicator to data centre professionals and their employers, ensuring that the certification holder has kept up with current trends and technologies in the data centre industry.

To keep certifications current, individuals should recertify before the certificate expiry date. There are 3 ways to recertify:

    1. Advancing to the next level of certification (applicable for CDCP/CDCS/CDCE and CTDC/CTIA/CTEA).
    2. Resitting the instructor-led course at 50% discount on the course fees (exam fees are excluded from the discount).
    3. Study on your own and sit for the update exam with one of the EPI Recertification Packages. Each Recertification Package comes with the latest version of the student workbook(s) and one update exam.

For certification schemes with multiple levels, student is required to recertify at the highest level of certification only.

Valid certifications may be renewed indefinitely, but without timely renewal, certifications will expire and become inactive.

Click here for more information – Recertification Program Datasheet and FAQs

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