Security Operation Centre (SOC) (Level 1)

Cyber Defender Training Series
Security Operation Centre Level 1 : Best Practices and Know How

Cyber Defender SOC Level 1 training helps you to respond to security incidents and vulnerabilities. This training improves your operational security capability, leverage the security operations center (SOC) analyst and specialist training techniques used in vulnerability management and security information event management (SIEM) platforms. Understanding the techniques provides a foundation for assessing and managing cyber risk through effective security incident triage. This course provides security operations analysts the foundation training needed to address the cyber threat lifecycle, looking at common and advanced attack vectors, detection, reporting and collaboration and simulated attack.


Participants are expected to have a general understanding of cyber threats and risk management. The course is designed for individuals responsible for defending organizations from cyber-attacks.


5 days


Cyber Defender SOC Level 1 training is best suited for anyone who wants to establish his/her career in cyber
security. This course is recommended for the following professionals:
  Information security managers
  SOC Managers, Analysts & Engineers
  Information security architects
  IT managers
  Operations managers
  Risk management professionals
  IT/system administration/network administration professionals
  IT auditors
  Business continuity and disaster recovery staff

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